Sell Or Rent

Your renovations are complete and now it’s time to put your exit strategy into motion. Whether you know exactly how to proceed or are considering the most profitable course of action, We’rehere to help you expedite the value of your property and reap the rewards of your investment strategy.

Sell Your Property

We’ve got the resources to strategically place your property on the market as soon as it’s ready to sell. Investment Property Center provides data and analysis support to ensure that your property is attracting eager buyers while maintaining optimistic margin expectations the moment it hits the market.

Rent Your Property

Many investors consider a long-term cash flow preferable to resale.We are prepared to help you optimize a profitable rental exit strategywith an array of rental resources that include long-term loan options, productive advertisement support to find tenants, as well as professional property management connections — so that you can get your rental property up-to-speed and generating income fast.

How can we help you?

Contact us at the nearest Investment Property Center office or submit your request online.

“I was able to get a property for 50 cents on the dollar and flip it for huge profits”

Meredith Johnson
Atlanta, Ga