No More Excessive Bank Fees or Realtor Price Hikes. Save Money by Purchasing Straightfrom Investment Property Center’s Fixed-Price Inventory and Get True Wholesale Pricing

IPC offers flexible funding options that let investors buy a discounted home with confidence and security. Whether you’re just entering the market or are a seasoned investor, you’re sure to find an optimal funding package for your next property investment with IPC.

Buy Properties with Hard Money Financing

Real estate investors know that opportunities with the greatest potential are distressed properties that don’t allow for long-term financing. Hard money loans with IPC let investors buy, fix and sell or rent properties in a short amount of time for measurable profit on their own terms. You can fund your purchase against a property’s future selling point, allowing you to defray the cost of renovations and repairs and secure your investment strategy.

If You Are Self-Financing Your Investment, IPC is Here to Make Your Purchase Fast, Easy and Secure

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“I was able to get a property for 50 cents on the dollar and flip it for huge profits”

Meredith Johnson
Atlanta, Ga