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Partner with us to enjoy the benefits of professional renovation guidance from our experienced specialists. We’ll help you tally up the repair costs with a detailed assessment of labor, materials and remodeling to ensure maximum profit margins.

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Equally important as finding the right property to buy is a skillful management of repairs and renovations. We offer ongoing renovation guidance and support and can even help you connect with licensed third-party contractors* through a reliable network of construction professionals — so you can get your property on the market quickly and in perfectselling condition.

* Licensed Contractors Not Directly Affiliated with Investment Property Center*

Top-Quality Materials at Wholesale Prices

We know how important materials are when it comes to transforming a distressed property into a high-value asset. By collaborating with top-tier local and national suppliers,we ensure that our clients always have simple access to the best renovation materials at affordable prices.

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“I was able to get a property for 50 cents on the dollar and flip it for huge profits”

Meredith Johnson
Atlanta, Ga