Finding an ideal property that offers big discounts, recommends value and meets your particular investment strategy can be tricky. With the help of proprietary technology and professional guidance to narrow down your search and reveal opportunities on an everyday basis, it won’t takeyou long to see the advantages of partnering with Investment Property Center.

  • No More Haggling for Prices — We Negotiate the Best Prices on the Market
  • First-Come, First Serve — If You Like What You See, It’s Yours
  • No More Bidding
  • Up-to-Date Listing Analysis — Compare any Property by Location or other Criteria
  • Expected Selling Point Provided for Speedy Acquisition

The Ideal Property

Each Property is Highly-Vetted for Your Review

  • Properties Must Have Potential — Noticeable Market Value in the Right Condition
  • Requires Fixes or Modifications to Offer Leverage for the Investor
  • Conditions Met with Your Investment Strategy
  • Profitable Selling Point with Overhead

Work with an IPC Specialist

IPC team members focus on your needs throughout the entire process of finding an ideal property. Their goal is to consider all of the aspects of your investment strategy and find a home that meets or exceeds your highest expectations. Every IPC specialist is fully-licensed and fully-trained to help you save money during every stage of your investment, from purchase and renovation all the way to resale or rental of your property.

How can we help you?

Contact us at the nearest Investment Property Center office or submit your request online.

“I was able to get a property for 50 cents on the dollar and flip it for huge profits”

Meredith Johnson
Atlanta, Ga