The Investment Property Center Framework

Our investment property framework is designed to add valueto every property — benefitting investors, improving neighborhoods and giving deserving homes a fresh, new start. When you partner with IPC, we’ll only show youproperties with the essentials to make your investment worthwhile — such as homes that have the potential to multiply in value with a little love and care. IPC doesn’t bog you down with member’s fees, finder’s fees or competitive bidding, so you can browse, inspect and purchase wholesale properties with the visionary focus of a sensible investor.


Vector your property search path starting with your investment strategy and ending with the perfect property to meet your goals. We have a full-range of search tools and resources to locate properties on and off-market based on unique parameters and preferences.

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We provide customizable financing options developed specially for investors to get the most out of wholesale and distressed properties.

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We offer initial general estimates to help you determine your property selling point and how much value you can balance against renovation costs.

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Sell Or Rent

Turn your investment property into instantaneous profit through resale or maintain a yearly cash flow with a successful rental property.

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Acquisition Experience

At Investment Property Center, we are no strangers to turning big wholesale discounts into optimal investment margins. Our professional team of acquisition agents studies your investment portfolio and delivers property matches that are tailored precisely to your investment goals and expectations.

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Real-Time Analytics

When something looks like a strong investment opportunity, we want you to be one of the first to know about it. At IPC, we leverage the latest in real estate technology and research to connect you with attractive investment opportunities faster than ever.

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Off-Market Investment Opportunities

You’ll gain access to wholesale properties both on and off MLS, and through our industry resources, you can discover exclusive opportunities and market value discounts just waiting to be seized.

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How can we help you?

Contact us at the nearest Investment Property Center office or submit your request online.

“I was able to get a property for 50 cents on the dollar and flip it for huge profits”

Meredith Johnson
Atlanta, Ga

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